Modern 21st-century homes require outdoor entertainment areas, and it’s almost a must to have a veranda so you can enjoy time with your family and friends.

With the front veranda often being the face of your home, it’s important to make sure it always looks beautiful and inviting.

Expanding your home living area with a veranda can be easy and add huge value to your home. And you can get the most out of Toronto’s amazing weather conditions with a Decker’s Deck custom designed and built veranda.

What better way than to entertain your family and friends on warm summer days in the comfort of your home, under the roof of your veranda.

Hot Tip: Decker’s Deck Toronto’s specialized team can help improve the liveability and appearance of your home without having to spend a small fortune with our veranda designs.

Our deck builders will design a veranda that not only matches the style of your home but will enhance your outdoor entertainment area. Throughout the Greater Toronto Area, the best deck builder near me is definitely the team at Decker’s Deck.

Verandas are roofed outdoor entertainment areas that are attached to the outside of your home. The great thing about building a veranda is that it adds value to your home.

From a simple skillion roof, gable or pitched roof veranda, we can design the perfect style to suit your home.

A large veranda design at your home can enhance your outdoor living space, and be a perfect alfresco dining space during summer.

Decker’s Deck Toronto has a great range of veranda designs to choose from, making the perfect addition to your home.

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Veranda Deck Design

Gable Design

Creating a light and spacious atmosphere. With a pitched roof that will provide your outdoor entertainment area with a luxurious open feel.

Flat Design

Creating a functional outdoor entertainment area with the addition of a flat roof.A flat roof can be configured to shelter your outdoor entertainment area from the sun, wind, rain, and snow allowing you to enjoy it year-round.

Retreat Design

With its sophisticated and elegant design, it makes for the ultimate contemporary outdoor entertainment area.Open veranda designs can provide for additional versatility. Unlike traditional verandas with enclosed roofs, you can have yours partially or completely open.


One of the biggest design decisions when choosing your veranda is the decking material. Making a poor decking decision can ruin your veranda.

When deciding, you’re going to have two options, traditional wood or composite decking. A great option for composite decking near me in Decker’s Deck Toronto.

Composite decking is a perfect material to use for your veranda. Made with plastic and hardwoods, the composite blend gives you the perfect combination.

Low maintenance, and virtually no upkeep, it is fade resistant and it won’t crack, giving you many years of enjoyment with the family.

For the best composite decking near me, look no further than Decker’s Deck Toronto. Throughout the Greater Toronto Area, the best deck builder near me is the team at Decker’s Deck.

Still not sure what the best veranda design is for you? Decker’s Deck Toronto’s specialized team is ready to talk you through your options.


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Veranda Do’s and Don’ts

Not all veranda designs suit all homes. It’s important that you talk with the Decker’s Deck Toronto design team before you start building a veranda so that your design complements your home’s current style.

Important factors to think about when designing your veranda are:

  • How much light you want coming into your home
  • How much heat will comes through

Verandas will protect your home from the elements, providing outdoor areas to relax and enjoy.

Veranda’s facing west can attract a lot of heat, so you should consider some sort of heat blocking protection like blinds.

The height of your veranda design can also play an important role. The higher your veranda design, the more the wind gets sucked into it.

Some things that can adversely affect your Veranda’s design:

  • Designed not to compliment your home
  • Your backyards landscape hasn’t been taken into consideration
  • Built without the correct building permits
  • Using substandard material

Building a poorly designed veranda won’t add value, as you will be forced to spend extra on maintaining it. Using a deck builder Toronto like Decker’s Deck will provide you with the confidence you’re making the right choice.

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