Aluminum deck railing is extremely lightweight but incredibly strong, and you can rely on it for years to come and it won’t need to be refinished or replaced.

Some benefits of using aluminum deck railing:

  • Low maintenance
  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Multiple color options
  • Salt Water resistant
  • No warping, splitting, or cracking

 Aluminum deck railing is versatile in both hot and cold climates, making them perfect for your decking within the Greater Toronto Area.

Using high-grade aluminum deck railing will provide a lifetime of enjoyment while being ideal in the cold weather as the cold strengthens the metal, but it will stay cool during hot summer days.

 There are a number of designs to choose from when it comes to using aluminum deck rails, from accent pieces to complete kits.

You can also combine wood with aluminum in a combination of your railing, making it perfect for suburban or non-rustic homes.

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 Aluminum Deck Railing Advantages

Wood will always be subject to warping, rotting, weather, and insect damage, no matter how much maintenance you perform on it. Aluminum railing is extremely low maintenance, with it only requiring yearly inspections, and being cleaned with soap and water.

This type of material is strong and corrosion-resistant, especially when you powder coat it with the color of your choice. Powder coating technology is so advanced these days that you shouldn’t need to even up touch paint on the finishing for the lifespan of the railing. Aluminum deck railing is extremely weather-resistant, especially from Toronto’s heat, cold, wet, and snow.


Aluminum vs Steel Deck Railing

Aluminum railing is much more affordable than steel railing. Aluminum is vastly lighter making it easier to move and transport. One of the benefits of steel is that you can cut on-site with a simple portable miter saw. With the maintenance of steel railing, repainting to prevent corrosion, powder-coated aluminum is a much better and cheaper solution to your deck railing.

 Aluminum deck railing is strong, beautiful, affordable, and easy to use, whether you are installing yourself or having a professional like Decker’s Deck Toronto do it.

When using aluminum, you have endless amounts of options to get the deck railing that you desire.

Still not sure what the best aluminum deck railing design for you is? Decker’s Deck Toronto’s specialized team is ready to talk you through your options.

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