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Composite decking is an alternative to timber decking that combines plastics and wood chips in an environmentally friendly deck board. Its quickly becoming a Decker’s Deck favorite, for home and outdoor entertainment areas, right here in Toronto.

A composite deck is an investment that adds value to your home. While cost is a determining factor when you’re planning an outdoor decking project, it’s just as important to appreciate the value of the product you’re getting also.

Protecting a traditional hardwood timber decking’s appearance and prolonging its lifespan over the long term. It takes much more effort and expenses that what’s required to maintain an alternative composite deck in Toronto.

Composite decking materials are durable, eco friendly, low maintenance and easy to install, making it Decker’s Deck most widely used and recommended decking option. It’s also resistant to Toronto’s toughest weather conditions.

Composite Decking Warranty

Manufactured with a high performance shell that wraps around the composite deck allows for added protection from the elements, whilst providing resistance to fading, mould, scratching and staining.

Composite decks provide an extended life span, 25-year limited warranty, in comparison to a traditional wood decking that will generally last between 10 to 15 years, requiring regular sanding and oiling.

Whether you hire Decker’s Deck of performing yearly maintenance or conduct it yourself, these costs continually add up. Once you’ve added in the extra maintenance costs, a composite deck can be a more cost-effective solution.

Among all composite decking in Toronto, Trex is the most popular, being the world’s leading producer of composite decking materials. Trex decking has a number of alternative composite decking materials to choose from.

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What is Composite Decking Benefits in Toronto ?

Using composite decking materials has significant benefits over using traditional timbers, such as:

Low Maintenance – compared to traditional timber decking, composite decking is very easy to clean and maintain. Not only being extremely durable it’s also able to withstand Toronto’s tough weather conditions with the only maintenance needed is regular cleaning with soapy water and no oiling is required.

Modern Design – composite decking alternatives take on the appearance of a wide range of wood styles allowing for individual customization depending on your design and outdoor entertainment area.

Value for Money – composite decking is more cost-effective over the lifespan when you compare against traditional timber decking.

Build to Last – performance warranties range from 10 to 25 years on some Trex decking products.

Composite Decking

Safe and Reliable. Composite decking does not split or splinter like traditional timber decking. With options also being water tolerant and slip resistant make them ideal to use around home pools or hot tubs.

Eco-Friendly – 95% of materials used in composite decking is produced from recycled plastics and reclaimed woods.

Extremely Durable – Designed to withstand Toronto’s harsh conditions. Composite decking materials can handle the heat, ultra-violet exposure, moisture, rain, snow and insects without staining, fading or scratching.

A Decker’s Deck composite decking built with today’s composite decking materials is resistant to wear and tear, color changes and damage from the Toronto elements, especially water.


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Why you should use Trex Decking ?

Trex composite decking is unmatched for its brilliance and ingenuity, with its beautifully arranged timber grains and finishes of exotic hardwoods make it an ideal choice for your composite decking materials.

Composites like Trex’s decking are composed primarily of wood fibres and recycled plastic materials. That is made to withstand high traffic environments while exceptionally durable to weather and stain-resistant.

Trex decking comes in sizing similar to timber decking including 2 x 4, 2 x 6 and 5/4 x 6 inch.

Continued improvements composite decking in Toronto have enabled the vast variety of natural looking colors you have the ability to choose from over 20, including exotic hardwood timber grain patterns.

Trex Decking Toronto

Because With the ability to combine the durability of composite decking and the affordability of wood. Because the trex decking is a fantastic option for your outdoor entertainment area.

So if Trex offers three composite decking options you can choose from. Trex Select, Enhance. So and Transcend. Whichever option you choose from with the help of Decker’s Deck specialized team, you’re making an excellent investment in a low maintenance composite deck. That will last for many years to come whilst transforming your home’s outdoor entertainment area.

If you want a wood deck that’s low maintenance, will look great and will last nearly twice as long as a traditional wood deck, then you should look no further than a Trex composite decking Toronto.

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Why Choose Decker’s Deck for your Composite Decking

So it Affordable Prices. But At Decker’s Deck Toronto. Because we have a variety of options to suit your budget.

Expert Advice – The Decker’s Deck specialized team are more than happy to provide you with expert advice for your entire composite decking and outdoor entertainment area decking. Because it is Our clients will also benefit from our superior quality construction methods. SO they are Techniques and our experienced knowledge in a wide range of composites and timber decking.

Quality Decking Products – Priding ourselves on our selection of quality decking materials. Decker’s Deck only selects softwood and hardwood timber decking of the highest quality. Because We aim to deliver quality timber decking that exceeds your expectations.

Stock – Only stocking the very best locally sourced composite and timber decking, giving our composite decking Toronto customers.

Composite Decking is Eco Friendly

But it Composite decking is an investmen. So for the long term value of your property.

Also we Unlike 100% plastic PVC decking, composite timber decking is made from a combination of wood chips. So the recycled plastic bags and reclaimed timber. Because it using the basic green eco-friendly principles to preserve the environment for future generations.

So the 95.4% of Trex composite timber decking is made from recycled materials, making it. Because Decker’s Decks preferred choice for composite decking materials.

So Still not sure which composite decking is right for you? Let the Decker’s Deck specialized team help you.

But it Composite decks are a lot like pre-finished timber flooring. Also arriving as a finished product that doesn’t require any drilling, sanding or staining.

Composite Deck Building

Customer Service – Having a strong focus on excellent customer service, with our second to none experience in timber decking. Decker’s Deck can guarantee putting attention into every detail of your decking or outdoor entertainment project.

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Frequently Asked Question

How to Build Composite Decking2020-02-05T12:00:19+00:00

When planning your new deck or outdoor entertainment area, you should take into consideration the process on how to build composite decking.

These are the questions the Decker’s Deck Toronto team get asked the most.

How To Plan your Deck2020-02-05T12:00:56+00:00

Before you start, you need to plan how big you would like your deck to be, and how you will use it. You should be thinking how dining area, how big the table will be, how many chairs for seating, standing room, whether you will have an entertainment system, large screen TV or projector set up and utilities like a BBQ or grill and even cascading window from your kitchen.

How To Choosing your Composite Decking Material and Colors2020-02-05T12:01:44+00:00

Selecting the right composite decking materials can be a daunting task. That’s why Decker’s Deck specialized team can help you choose what is the best composite product for your decking.

When choosing a product like Trex decking, you can select from over 20 colours of timber available. You can also contrast colours on your deck and use different techniques like “picture framing” or even simply framing the outside edges in a different colour.

How To Selecting the Perfect Color Composite Decking2020-02-05T12:02:26+00:00

Your deck should complement your home, so you’ll want a color that will provide just enough contrast to set it apart. By doing this you’ll be adding some visual depth and enable your deck to stand out on its own.

Colors for decking usually come in the following groups: Greys, Browns and Reds.

Brown composite decking compliments homes that are beige, tan and brown in color.
Grey composite decking compliments homes that are red, grey or blue.
Red composite decking compliment homes that are green or grey.

How To Installing your Composite Decking2020-05-28T09:13:18+00:00

So, After completing the selection of your. How to installing your composite decking. Because you’ll need to decide. Whether you want to install your new decking But Also have a professional installer complete your decking.

Because  can be easy to install. But as boards are designed with a groove system with special fixings making them the installation process very easy.

So If you’d prefer to get help building your. Also, you can benefit from having Decker’s Deck install your composite decking. Because utilizing our superior quality construction methods. So How to installing your Composite Decking techniques and our experienced knowledge on how to build. Now we can take all the stress away from you and have your deck finished in a small amount of time.

Now you’re ready to spend time outdoors with your family and friends on your new spacious composite deck, enjoying an outdoor meal and quality time with the family or relax and enjoy sitting on your deck enjoying the view watching the sunset.

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But the Transform your home’s outdoor entertainment area with. So the Decker’s Deck composite or timber decking today!

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