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One of the most popular trends in 2020 is outdoor living, and expanding there outdoor living space. What better way to do this than by deciding to construct a deck in your backyard. Decking can provide a fantastic outdoor living area, by providing an inviting, comfortable space from which you can enjoy your backyard.

Are you considering a deck for your home? There’s a good chance you’ve already have deck design ideas of what you would like. Decker’s Deck Toronto can help you to enhance your deck design ideas with other features to make better use of your available space.

Designing the best deck for your home can be as simple as choosing the shape, placement and materials with your deck plan. Decking is no longer limited to a simple square or rectangle designs. Decker’s Deck Toronto can design your deck by customizing in to fit your home and family lifestyle needs.

The type of deck plan you select will be largely dictated by the amount of available space you have in your backyard and what your intended plan is to utilizing your outdoor entertainment area, can add extra value to your home and a quality outdoor space for your family time.

A good deck design can offer a good way to create a stable living area separate from your home and an excellent place to dine and entertain outdoors.

A deck is a great way to expand your outdoor living area. Why settle for a stock standard deck when you can have something special. There are numerous deck design ideas that you can use to take your deck up a notch, making it a standout feature of your home and being the envy of your family and friends.

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Breezeway Deck

Using this architectural feature you can allow passages of breeze, high wind to pass though large areas of decking and is an effective way to incorporate and connect multiple structures on the same property and increase the combined outdoor living space.

Corner Decks

Undoubtedly have a feel of having more space than what you actually have. Can be ideal to fill missing corners from your homes existing floor plan, filling in the exterior space with a corner deck can complement the architecture.

Curved Decks

Using a curved or half-moon deck design allows you to utilize more space and blend in seamlessly to your garden. Most people tend to use straight lines, making curved decking a great alternative as it’s easy to design with composite boards. Plan your modern contemporary home with a soft curving or wave deck.

Destination Deck

You don’t have to walk out of your home onto your decking. You can make your deck a destination at the back of your backyard. Consider placing a freestanding or floating deck in your favorite spot. Destination decks help highlight and complement your beautiful backyard by incorporating trees and add extra landscaping.

Dining Decks

Do you love eating alfresco in your backyard? You can design your deck to fit your dining table and incorporate a kitchen. Having an outside dining area for summer you can sit out and enjoy the warm summer evening and entertain your family and friends.

Garden Path Deck

If you have a large backyard of have an avid green thumb you can encourage your guests to explore your garden by placing a series if interconnecting decks. You can combine the use of narrow pathway decking with wider decks to draw visitors through your space, taking them on a journey through your backyard.


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Layered Deck

Multiple layers of decking, whether it’s two or more, like a mosaic, can provide your backyard with an unusual and unique stepped deck design. Multi layered decks can give you a way to separating your backyard into different parts for dining, relaxing or even your swimming pool or hot tub.

Master Bedroom Deck

Sitting on a deck and relaxing can be quite enjoyable and you don’t need a huge deck space to have a effect on your lifestyle. Utilizing a small private deck off your master bedroom with just enough space for a pair of lounge chairs and a table can provide hours of enjoyment and relaxation with a good book and a drink. Ideal for homes built on small areas of land.

Mixed Material Decks

Using a combination of mixed or multiple materials in your deck design, such as aluminum and glass with your wood decking, can add a visually appealing contrast. You can use a hardwood or composite wood decking with an aluminum railing.

Party Deck

If you enjoy entertaining and cooking up a storm on your gill, a party deck could be perfect for you. With a open plan deck design, that can include entertainment systems for watching the big games. a fire pit for NHL season, grill or outdoor kitchen would be must haves with a party deck.

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Petite and Small Decks

Petite or small decks can add character to your home and help open up your backyard, making it feel like a much larger and more usable space.

Swimming Pool and Hot Tub Decks

Decking and swimming pools go hand in hand. Selecting the right deck design will not only make it look better but will also reduce the risk of injury from slips and falls. You can enclose your swimming pool with decking and add a variety of railing like frame-less glass.

Tree Feature Decks

Don’t fret about that wayward tree that’s sitting right on the edge or smack in the middle of where you want your decking. Custom fitting a deck around a tree is a wonderful way to integrate the deck into your back yard. Turn it into a feature. Framing your deck around the tree can add amazing character feature to your decking. Don’t forget you’ll need to plan enough space for the tree to grow and reach full maturity.

Additional deck design ideas you can use are built in seating or benches give your deck an extra dimension and can provide useful additional seating. Instead of having a flat deck, benches clad in the composite or timber decking can make a part of the deck seem like it’s risen up. You can also use planter boxes to mimic the same effect.

Having a deck plan is a critical part of deciding to construct a deck in your backyard.

A deck design is the first step in adding a beautiful and functional outdoor entertainment area to your home. The right design will add value to your home and years of enjoyment.

Next, you’ll need to determine a deck budget. It’s important to set a fixed amount and stick to that, as it’s very easy to blow a budget without much effort.

How will you use your deck? This will influence how you design your deck, which is probably the most important consideration when designing your decking. If you going to use your new deck for dining, you’ll need to ensure you have adequate room for a large table, comfortable seating and close proximity to your kitchen.

List the feature’s you’ll want with your deck. These can be lifestyle or practical things such as built in seating or entertaining features such as a grill.Some deck design ideas you can consider:

Built In Cooking
Electrical systems, lighting, home entertainment or music speakers
Hot tub, spa or pool
Integrated seating
Planter boxes
Outdoor fireplace or fire pit
Outdoor heaters, misters or air conditioning

Building a well-designed deck can transform a difficult area into a functional and practical one.

When determining the size of your planned deck, you’ll need to scale it appropriately to your home and property, whilst making sure it’s large enough for your needs, without over powering it.

Finally, choosing the best deck material for your home can be a difficult decision with so many options and that comes back to setting your budget. Pressure treated cedar or redwood are both great choices if you are working with a tight budget or you can also look at using composite decking which is more costly but will provide lower maintenance over the lifespan of your deck.


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When planning your new deck design, you should take into consideration the process on how to design a deck plan and choosing the best design ideas that suit your home.

These are the questions the Decker’s Deck Toronto team gets asked the most.

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You should take some time to look at your backyard and decide about what will work in your space. Don’t just make a spur of the moment decision. You’ll have to determine where you should put the deck. Taking into consideration; where you have a door from your home or where you could place one, providing access to the deck. The majority of time, you will use the doors that access the kitchen or living room leading to your backyard.

You also have the option of positioning your deck next to your home.

Deck Size2020-02-14T20:39:56+00:00

Your deck size will be dependent on the location you have selected and how much space is available to you.

Things to consider: Space for a table setting suited to four – six people requires approximately 140 square feet of space. Ten people would require 290 square feet.

Deck Position2020-02-14T20:40:23+00:00

The position of your deck can affect the comfort of the people enjoying it. Weather conditions can affect you deck design. Will you or your guests be in direct sunlight? Will you be exposed to the elements?

When designing your deck plan, spend time in your backyard so you know well in advance what some of the potential weather or privacy issues may be, so you can adequately provide solutions before you begin construction.

Building Regulations2020-02-14T20:41:20+00:00

Your deck should be constructed according to all relevant building codes in your city and is the responsibility of the home owner to apply and get the required building permits. You could face legal action and costly delays if you don’t have the required permits before starting construction on your deck. Please check with your local city’s building authority for the correct deck permit codes.

The Decker’s Deck Toronto team can help you with all of your deck design ideas. Helping you select the best deck options for your outdoor entertainment area from design, materials and added features or even help you with your deck plan.

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