Deck Stairs

Composite Decking

Deck stairs can serve many purposes on your new or existing  outdoor entertainment area. Stairs allow you to access a different levels on your decking and can be a access point to your backyard or can be designed to be a central focus point adding character to the envy of your family and friends every time they visit your home.

Raised and multi-level decks are the perfect opportunity to use deck stairs to accentuate your outdoor entertainment area’s best features. Reaping the benefits of floating or angled stairs, opening the space, and adding a touch of decadence to your home.

Stairs are usually made from one of three materials:

  1. Hardwood Lumber
  2. Pressure Treated Wood
  3. Galvanized Steel

Deck Stairs Design

With advancements in technology, complex stair designs are no longer just for the rich and famous, meaning you can also have a modern and creative alternative from the traditional stairs.

How do you choose the best design for your stairs project? At Decker’s Deck Toronto, we utilize our specialized design methods of building and designing. Our specialized team is always ready to work with you, helping to achieve your design ideas and creating the perfect stairs for your backyard.


Here are some stairs styles to help you in your design making.

Straight Deck Stairs

The most common type of stair, with its design being straight up and down.

Alternating Stairs

Alternating stairs are a great choice for tight spaces with your outdoor. Having one thread for each foot, but can be difficult when trying to negotiate using when carrying things.

Floating Stairs

Appearing as floating in the air, floating stairs only retail the staircase treads. Floating stairs are often used when trying to achieve a minimalist contemporary look for your outdoor entertainment area.

After you have selected your desired stair design, you will need to choose between one of the following tread designs for their preferred deck stairs construction.

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