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Before deciding to build a veranda decking in your backyard, you need to spend some time planning what you want from your veranda.

This can save you money and years of regret from poor planning and a mediocre veranda.

A veranda plays an important part in your backyard. It provides protection against the rain, wind, sun, snow, and falling leaves.

Because Verandas can be a standalone of free-standing against the wall of your home.

So When planning where your veranda should go. Because it make sure you choose the right spot, nothing could be worse than a newly built veranda that looks out of place.

But You need to evaluate all of the options of your home, highlighting what could be the best outdoor entertainment area. Also Walk around your property and see what could be the best area to select.

So As homes have gotten bigger, or blocks have gotten smaller, most verandas will choose a design that is restricted to one area of your home.

Also The size of your veranda decking will determine what you can use it for. When designing your veranda you should consider your desired uses of the new outdoor entertainment area.

Because some Small things make a huge difference, like taking into consideration the sizes of furniture, like tables and chairs which will influence also how much free space you will have.When planning your budget, it’s worthwhile planning to have an architect or expert veranda designer draw up some plans for you.

If you don’t quite have the budget to stretch for an expert designer, work out how much of your backyard you’re prepared to lose to the veranda.

You have the opportunity to be creative when designing your veranda decking. Don’t think you are only limited to a rectangle shape.

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Veranda Deck Design

A good idea before starting to build your veranda decking is to check with your local city building authority to check what building codes and regulations you need to comply with and what permits you need.

Remember building approvals vary from city to city, so checking can save you lots of money and be tied up in local courts.

Do your research and homework before commencing your project, always check the regulations, heights, and the boundary fence line.

You’ll need to know just how much money you have available to spend to build that new veranda you have your heart set on.

When planning your budget, it’s important not to neglect small things like nails and screws, as these can add up. It’s an easy thing to overlook when purchasing the main items like timber and steel frames.

Doing some online research will be able to give you some. Good initial estimates of what a veranda is going to cost, and then you can work out. But if your budget is sufficient to build your veranda.

By having a thorough budget. So you will know exactly what materials and hardware you need, and save unnecessary trips to the lumbar store.

When choosing what materials to use. Because you’ll want to visit experts like Decker’s Deck Toronto and talk to friends about their experiences building an outdoor entertainment area.

You can choose to have your veranda made from a number of materials. From composite decking, timber or aluminum, and it can be open all-round, or you can have partially enclosed walls.

Your roof panels can be out of metal or you could use transparent or translucent poly-carbonate panels to let light in.


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It’s always better to over-engineer your veranda’s construction, that way you’re guaranteed for it to last longer than if you look to use cheaper materials, as long term maintenance will end up making your veranda costs higher over time.The Greater Toronto Area’s unique climate and conditions, it’s a good idea to go with a local company that has a strong and proven reputation in the local market like Decker’s Deck Toronto.

You will also need to factor in your long term plans into your new outdoor entertainment area. This could just be a starting point, and your veranda could turn into something much more over time.


The key to a successful veranda build is good planning. Dedicate some time to visiting the team at Decker’s Deck, and having them talk you through your design options and material selections.

Still not sure what the best veranda design is for you? Decker’s Deck Toronto’s specialized team is ready to talk you through your options.

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