TimberTech Canada uses the most technologically advanced materials for their PVC composite deck boards, and are designed to perform in the harshest Canadian conditions.

Designed with special patented technology, TimberTech composite decking is resistant to slippage and water.

TimberTech capped composite and capped polymer deck boards have been developed to be less prone to bleaching, erosion, and overall deterioration that traditional hardwood decking undergoes when exposed to the elements.

Using 100% recycled wood and up to 80% recycled materials make up TimberTech composite deck boards, made to resist moisture and withstand UV rays.

Benefiting from the 4 sided capping, keeping the core free of moisture and mold guard technology to keep mold spores out of your decking.

Being extremely durable, TimberTech deck boards have the look and feel of traditional hardwood with the added strength of composite materials.

TimberTech deck boards will never need sanding, staining or sealing to maintain their gorgeous colors, making them low maintenance.

Along with TimberTech’s incredible durability, you’ll have a deck or outdoor entertainment area that looks just like real hardwood timber, with its texturized natural grain finish.

Coming with leading industry-backed warranties that include a 50 Year Limited Fade and Stain Warranty on the TimberTech Azek line.

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Composite Decking vs PVC Decking

There are some differences between the TimberTech lines.

The TimberTech Edge and Pro range are made from composite materials, where the TimberTech Azek is made from PVC material, meaning there is no used wood in the deck boards.

TimberTech Composite deck boards:

  • Solid color
  • Less slippery when wet compared to PVC
  • Great for curved and deck bends
  • Colors closer to natural woods

TimberTech PVC deck boards:

  • Resistant to dents, scratches, and stains
  • Colorfast and fade-resistant
  • Moisture resistant technology
  • Variety of wood colors, tones and textures

Because TimberTech Azek is high quality, premium line of decking, and arguably the best of all composite decking manufacturers.

But the TimberTech decking comes in three options:

  • Also TimberTech Edge
  • BecauseTimberTech Pro
  • But TimberTech Azek


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TimberTech Edge

TimberTech Edge features 3 sided capping and engineered to be long-lasting and more resistant to weather elements than traditional hardwood decking.

It comes with 25 Year Limited Product Warranty and a 25 Year Fade and Stain Warranty.

TimberTech Edge is available in 6 colors:

Edge Premier: Beachwood Gray, Dark Teak, Maritime Gray, Tidal Sand

Edge Prime+: Coconut Husk, Sea Salt Gray

TimberTech Pro

TimberTech Pro features 4 sided capping, offering superior protection again moisture and featuring Mold Guard.

Composite decking boards are available in scalloped and full profile designs.

It comes with 30 Year Limited Product Warranty and a 30 Year Fade and Stain Warranty.

TimberTech Pro is available in 15 colors:

Terrain: Brown Oak, Rustic Elm, Sandy Birch, Silver Maple, Stone Ash

Reserve: Antique Leather, Dark Roast, Driftwood, Storm Gray

Pro Legacy: Ashwood, Espresso, Mocha, Pecan, Tigerwood, Whitewash Cedar

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