Wood Decking

wood deck

Wood deck is a great option for Canadian decks; they are extremely durable, highly resilient, and provide a great look and feel. Popular wood decks being used in Toronto include Redwood, Cedar, Massararanduba, Camaru, Red Tauri, Tigerwood, Ipe, and Mahogany.

Many potential deck owners love the look and feel of real wood, rather than composite decking. 

Cedar decking can provide a stylish look to your outdoor entertainment area. Every wood is different and it’s hard to go past the warm tones, browns, and silvery greys, also adding the unique feature that with natural wood no two kinds of wood are exactly alike.

Cedar decking can be more difficult to install, but over time the high-quality results are well worthwhile. The Decker’s Deck team will make sure of that.

Choosing between hardwood and softwood is something that should be one of your first considerations.

Common hardwoods are Teak, IPE, Cherry, and Oak to name a few, whereas common softwoods are Pine, Fir, Spruce, and Cedar.



Regular maintenance with wood decking is essential. Without it, your wood deck can weather and even rot in the harsh Toronto climate. Applying oil to your wood deck yearly will ensure your deck looks fantastic for many years to come.

Over the years you’ll probably have to perform maintenance and even some deck repair on your cedar decking. As you enjoy using your wood decking you’ll experience more wear and tear. One of the most common deck repair issues you will face will be nails becoming dislodged. The woods will also warp if not properly sealed as the seasons change and they are exposed to the elements. The cedar deck becomes depressed causing the nails to come loose. 

With the rain, snow, sun, and people walking over the decking, the stain and sealer on the cedar decking will start to wear away if you don’t perform yearly maintenance. This deck repair is one of the easiest, all that’s required for this is sanding and reapplying sealer to protect your deck for another year.

Having to replace wood deck boards is not uncommon during deck repairs. Over time being exposed to the elements they become exposed, warp or become damaged enough that they need replacement. This is where the Decker’s Deck team can help you with all of your decking repairs.

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