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Deck railing is just as important as choosing the right material for your backyard. Bearing that in mind, the railing you select will define the look and style of your backyard.

Choosing a railing design that works with the backyard of your choice and the style of your home is important; it needs to strike the right combination that makes your house stand out, without detracting from other varying elements of your home’s architecture.

Decker’s Deck Toronto can help you find the perfect materials to create an amazing look that works for the backyard or outdoor entertainment area of your dreams.

Deck Railing Ideas Hot Tip: Before choosing your preferred deck railing style, make sure you research the cost of different deck railing systems, what the difficulty rating is for installation of your deck railing and what type of maintenance you’ll be required to do for your railing over the years. This research could end up saving you countless hours in maintenance and dollars on your decking budget. 

Railing helps protects us from falling off , creates a barrier of privacy from our neighbors, and gives the backyard structure some style and function, all adding to the day-to-day function of the backyard. You can make your deck or outdoor entertainment area stand out with these types of deck railing ideas:



 Aluminum Deck Railing

Lending a contemporary touch to your backyard, aluminum railings never goes out of style. They come in a variety of flexible designs making them adaptable to virtually any deck. Simple and elegant designs feature vertical or horizontal bars and double top rails. Aluminum railings and glass is a great combination suiting contemporary style homes. Aluminum railings can be powder coated in over 20 colors and being nearly maintenance-free is rugged and rustproof. Over time wood deck railing will start to wear and deteriorate needing maintenance and maybe replacing pieces whereas aluminum railings will always remain in fantastic condition like the first day you installed them.

Glass Deck Railing

Glass railing can give you that frame-less look, with unobstructed views, natural light, and a sense of open space. If your backyard looks out into a nice view, installing frameless glass railing provides you with an uninterrupted view. With the option to choose the height for your own requirements, you can go from a minimum of 1100mm up to 1800mm. Full glasses are great for exposed areas, shielding your deck from prevailing wind, rain, and snow.

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