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From most vantage points and when viewing your deck from a distance your decks railing is the first thing you see and your guests. Deck railing is just as important as choosing the right decking material for your deck. Bearing that in mind, the deck railing you select will define the look and style of your decking.

Choosing a deck railing design that works with the deck of your choice and the style of your home is important; it needs to strike the right combination that makes your house stand out, without detracting from other varying elements of your home’s architecture. Because it Take your time to explore different deck railing ideas to find the right railing, balusters and other decking components to put your ideal look together.

So Decker’s Deck Toronto can help you find . Also the perfect materials to create a railing look that works for the deck or outdoor entertainment area of your dreams.

Railings come in a variety of designs and styles that work with a range of architectural categories. Often overlooked when choosing your  is the views from your  and from inside your home. You may decide you want a  that is transparent like glass with minimal obstruction or a more solid  that can be a major feature to your decking.

Ideas Hot Tip: Before choosing your preferred deck railing style, make sure you research the cost of different systems, what the difficulty rating is for installation of your deck railing and what type of maintenance you’ll be required to do for your railing over the years. This research could end up saving you countless hours in maintenance and dollars on your decking budget.

Railing helps protects us from falling off our decking, creates a barrier of privacy from our neighbors and gives the decking structure some style and function, all adding to the day to day function of the deck.

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Glass railing can give you that frame-less look, with unobstructed views, natural light and a sense of open space. If your deck looks out into a nice view, installing frame-less glass  provides you with an uninterrupted view.

With the option to choose the height for your own requirements. Also, you can go from a minimum of 1100mm up to 1800mm. Full glass railings are great for exposed areas, shielding your deck from prevailing wind, rain and snow.

Clear glass is a popular choice for glass railing; you can also choose to have privacy glass or even tinted glass to reduce the heat in summer.

So, the Glass comes in the following options:

Because  it has Standard Glass Railing: Aluminum posts and top rail

But the Topless Glass Railing: No top rail to obstruct your line of sight

Also Custom Glass Railing: Combination of different options to suit your requirements


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Alos Lending a contemporary touch to your decking. So aluminum railings never goes out of style. But They come in a variety of flexible designs making them adaptable to virtually any deck.

Simple and elegant designs feature vertical or horizontal bars and double top rails.  Because Aluminum railings and glass is a great combination suiting a contemporary style homes. So Aluminum railings can be powder coated in over 20 colors and being nearly maintenance-free is rugged and rustproof.

Over time wood deck railing will start to wear and deteriorate needing maintenance and maybe replacing pieces whereas aluminum railings will always remain in fantastic condition like the first day you installed them.


Because the Incorporating traditional wood elements can create a transitional design to your deck. Because made from wood fits right into your natural surroundings.

So this Wood railing is one of the simplest options and it allows you a lot of flexibility. Being Also the most inexpensive type of So, its ideally suited for wooden decks, either composite or timber.

Traditional straight post but it is the design that you’ll find on most homes. This may be unappealing to those seeking a trendier look. But can be customized to fit your deck.

You can have a variety of different designs when using wood, here are some  ideas:

  • Interlocking Patterns
  • Sunburst Designs
  • Lattice Panels
  • Built in Seating

Frequently Asked Question

So When planning your new deck. Because That you should Also take into consideration the process on how to choose the best railing for you.

But These are the questions the Decker’s Deck Toronto team get asked the most.

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Costs can vary when selecting deck railing materials. It’s important that you have a budget in mind. Some options are extremely expensive while other options can be relatively cost effective.

Keep durability and maintenance in mind, as some deck railing materials may be more expensive but will save you money over time being relatively low maintenance like aluminum.

Choosing your Deck Railing Material2020-03-11T18:58:41+00:00

It can be overwhelming selecting the right material for your deck railing with options like aluminum, wood and glass to name a few.

At Decker’s Deck Toronto we recommend you use the aluminum railing as its low maintenance, durable and versatile.

Don’t feel as though you need to use the same material as your decking material. Contrasting material can also provide an ideal look and feel to your outdoor entertainment area.

Wood required frequent upkeep with regular staining and sealing. Glass, whilst in vogue at the moment is hard to keep clean.

Color and Style2020-03-11T18:59:34+00:00

How will you use your decking? Will it be an ultra-trendy outdoor entertainment area or something that you’ll want privacy from your neighbours?

Your personal tastes will decide what colour, style and texture options that will suit your deck railing. If you choose aluminum the options vary with over 20 colours available to you. You’ll need to decide if you’ll want a deck railing that matches or contrasts with your decking and between fancy, decorative styles and simple, classic designs.

Building Regulations2020-03-11T19:00:06+00:00

You’ll also need to keep practicalities in mind when selecting your preferred deck railing. Railing codes are designed to ensure that your deck railing is safe, strong and will not provide any opening that a child could slip through. Please check with your local city’s building authority for the correct deck railing codes.

If you’d like to learn how to select the ideal deck railing for your deck, call the team at Decker’s Deck Toronto.

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